• Geico Car Insurance: Common User Ratings

    Geico car insurance company is known not only for its famous owner Warren Buffett, but also for the high marks it regularly receives for customer service and price. If you are considering switching your insurance provider there are a few things you want your new insurance to excel at. Confidence that if you are in an accident, they will handle your claim quickly and efficiently, and get your vehicle back out on the road as soon as possible. Reading current customer reviews is probably the best way to get a feel for how an insurance company treats its customers.

    Geico History – Geico or The Government Employees Insurance Company, as it was originally known, was founded in 1936 by Leo Goodwin. Its original purpose was to provide US government employees and military personnel with insurance. Since its humble beginnings it has grown to become the third largest auto insurer in the nation as well as the fastest growing auto insurance company. They currently have 9 million auto policy customers and insure more then 16 million vehicles. Geico currently has 24,000 employees and operates out of 12 major offices.
    Customer Reviews – There are a few things to consider when reading customer reviews regardless of the product. You should focus on getting the overall picture. It helps to dismiss the worst as well as the best reviews and try to get a sense of what the majority opinion is. There will always be a few people that will complain no matter what, but if you consistently see the same complaint, then there is a good chance it is a legitimate problem. Try to get an overall impression of the company or product and then make a decision based on your particular needs.

    Geico Reviews
    – One of the better places to read reviews of Geico is at their own site. Geico has an outside company run and manage the site so there is a level of independence that provides credibility. The only people that can leave reviews are current Geico customers, so you are dealing with people who are aware of the companies strengths and weaknesses and have had current experiences with Geico. The site contains both positive and negative reviews but manages a 4.6 out of 5 average rating. If you are considering changing over to Geico then you should certainly have a look at the Geico review site.
    Epinions – Another site that offers Geico reviews is Epinions. The total number of reviews on the site is around 315 and Geico manages to get 3 out of 5 stars. Epinions allows anyone to leave comments so there is no way to verify if all of the commenters are or have been Geico customers. The site contains negative as well as positive reviews and Epinions is well organized and easy to use.

    Shopping for car insurance is always a bit of a burden, but as it is such a big purchase it is important to do as much research as possible. One of the best ways to get a feel for an insurance company is to read customer reviews. Gecio receives excellent ratings from the majority of its current and past customers.