• Dissecting Todayâ��s Top-Rated Auto Insurance Companies

    There are a lot of auto insurance companies available from which you can choose. This guide will give you a brief idea of what these companies are all about.


    With their perky saleswoman named Flo, Progressive boasts a free quote comparison service to save you time when searching for the best rates. It is one of the oldest auto insurance companies. They have built their success from years of good reputation. They have some added values to their program, including a total loss replacement program. If your car is stolen they will replace your car while using a concierge. You tell the concierge what you want, they find it, and then you show up to test drive it. They also offer an accident forgiveness program. Another benefit, they will keep your rates low if you don’t have an accident in a span of four years. Progressive is proud to state they are currently the third largest auto insurance company in America.

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    Allstate insurance has some unique added value to their company. When you have a six-month clean driving record, Allstate will send you a check for 5 percent of your premium rate. Another perk that Allstate holds is their “accident forgiveness” program. This program helps keep your rates down even after an accident. If you have bumper-to-bumper coverage, Allstate will give you a brand new car if your car is stolen within three model years instead of replacing the depreciated value. Allstate has a few extras in their overall auto insurance and it is what puts them in the top five of auto insurance companies.

    Allstate is the single largest publicly held insurance provider in the United States. Founded in 1931, it has built a good reputation as a trusted company.


    Esurance has a unique marketing strategy. No other auto insurance company brings the “green” effect to the table when selling auto insurance. Esurance doesn’t have any brick and mortar offices cutting back on the cost of maintaining office space and pushing paper. Esurance is paperless due to the fact that it is an Internet-based business. When an employee does need to use a company car to operate business, they all use hybrid vehicles. In addition to the “green” friendly vision that Esurance has they are also a member of the Better Business Bureau and are one of the auto insurance companies that hold an A+ insurance rating.

    Esurance was founded during the rise of the Internet in the early 90s and quickly gained prominence as a fully Internet-based auto insurance company. You can find their website at Esurance.com.


    Geico has several programs that can offer insurance at discounted rates. In addition to these discounted rates, they are able to give flexible payment plans. The flexible payment plans can range from installment payments to one single payment. Whichever suits you better and your budget, Geico is flexible on how they receive payment for your insurance coverage. Geico is simple and keeps their rates down.

    GEICO is well known for its humorous commercials, featuring geckos and cavemen. It is also an extremely popular auto insurance provider, offering all kinds of car insurance to suit your needs. You can find the GEICO website and get a free and instant online quote at GEICO.com.

    State Farm

    State Farm was built on practicality and they still hold this as part of their vision. They believe in keeping the rates low while giving the best coverage. They also believe in being an honest company within the auto insurance company circles. They boast that they have more insured cars on the road than any other car insurance company. They are outshining the competition by keeping things practical and honest.

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