• 3 Tips on Negotiating Rates for Business Car Insurance

    When shopping for business car insurance policy, it’s always important to not pay too much for a policy. Generally speaking, you can almost always negotiate a better car insurance premium with companies that provide business car insurance. So, here are a few tips on how to negotiate a better rate for business car insurance.

    Ask for All Possible Discounts

    When dealing with the agent about a business car insurance policy, you should always make sure that you asked for every possible discount. Make sure to inform the agent about any factors that may make you eligible for discounts, such as insuring multiple vehicles, safe vehicle drivers as well as security equipment that may be installed on your business vehicles.

    Quote Competitor Prices

    Before you start your negotiations, you should always go online and compare prices from as many potential insurers as possible. With the rate quotes in hand, you will have a better chance of negotiating discounts with the insurance agent of the company you wish to use. If the agent quotes you a premium that’s higher than what you found on the Internet, simply show him/her the quotes and asked why a the if the price can be matched. If not, ask why.

    Offer Other Types of Business

    You might want to consider merging other types of business insurance that you may require with the company that provides your business car insurance. Inform the agent that you have other business insurance needs that need to be met as well, and ask about what types of discounts he/she can offer for providing you with multiple lines of business insurance coverage. Using this approach will generally allow the insurance company to offer some of the most significant discounts available.