• What is the Best Car Subwoofer for Small Compact Cars

    The best car subwoofer depends on the sound you’re looking for and the type and size of your vehicle. Many are also made for their effect on the appearance of a car, so choosing a compact car subwoofer can be tricky. Here are some options for a compact car:

    6 inch Subwoofers

    These are the smallest and most desirable for a compact car because you can distribute a pair and get a surround effect. This subwoofer size gives more options for placement. They are limited by brand and may be a little pricier, especially if you go for the pair. Pyramid makes a reliable subwoofer in 6” and 6.5;” JL makes a widely reputed 6” and Tang makes a popular 6.5.”

    8 inch Subwoofers

    These are made by most brands and are 8” across. These also cannot be moved into a larger vehicle if you choose to upgrade because they won’t provide the desired sound effect throughout a full size car or truck. The sound is adequate, but not optimal, but if you find them, the value will be the best. Pioneer and Boss make pricey, but great quality 8” subwoofers and Pyramid 8” are a fraction of the price, but well reviewed and widely available.

    10 inch Subwoofers

    This size subwoofer will give you the sound you get in a large car or home theater in your compact car. These are also made by all manufacturers and will give you the best value and convenience. Pioneer and Boss make great 10” subwoofers, but Alpine and Pyle also make this highly regarded versions for less money.

    The best subwoofers for your compact car will depend on your preferred size, sound and availability. With some time and Internet access, keep searching and you’ll be able to find a subwoofer that fits your car, the sound you want and a price you can afford.