• What is the Best Car Radio: Top of the Line Features Your Car Stereo Needs

    The best car radio choice is going to be the one that has all the options you will use regularly. As technology advances, these options become standard on more radios. Here are just a few of the more recent additions that everyone should consider.

    mp3 Connectivity

    Since the release of the first iPod, more than 100 million people across the world have purchased some type of mp3 player. One of the biggest benefits of using this type of file storage is that you can fit thousands of songs on a small device. The best rated car stereos will include built in connections and tuning channels for your mp3 player.

    Satellite Radio

    The idea of having access to hundreds of stations while travelling is appealing to many. While only 15% of new car radios were equipped with built in satellite radio options in 2008, more than 50% did in 2009. This number is expected to jump again in the next few years. Having the satellite radio pre-programmed into the stereo interface eliminates the need for additional bulky equipment, and will allow you to enjoy the variety of stations available with a simple subscription.

    Built in Bluetooth

    Bluetooth technology has lessened the problem of distracted drivers talking on a phone a while driving. Many states have outlawed using a cell phone while driving. Having a car stereo with built in bluetooth technology will allow a driver to use a handsfree calling device without having to hook up additional equipment. Even many cheap car radios now feature this technology.