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The Best Subwoofers Money Can Buy

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Car subwoofer speakers come in a variety of different price ranges, however if you want the highest quality it will cost some major cash.

The UL12 is an Ultra-Performance Subwoofer made for the car audio junkie. Weighing 18 pounds, it handles up to three times more in RMS power. The UL12 delivers a considerably higher linear and maximum excursion and audibly lower distortion, while weighing much less than any other unit in its class.

RE Audio’s XXX12D2 12-inch 4000W Competition Car Audio Subwoofer costs $599, which very affordable for the high performance. Pioneer Premier SPL Champion subwoofers score high on the performance and popularity charts for earth-shaking bass; they represent the top of their class. If you want smooth bass in a small space, you could consider Solobarics or JL Audio. If you have space, go with MTX speakers—the Jackhammer unit is particularly impressive. Expect to pay $70 to $240 depending on size and specifications.

Some other reliable and quality subwoofer speaker brands include Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Memphis, Eclipse, Diamond Audio, Soundstream and Hifonics. The KICKER Solo-Baric L5 subwoofer utilizes a square cone woofer that revolutionized the high-performance subwoofer category. This concept gives you the most possible cone area for a given size baffle.

Rockford Fosgate T215D2 Car Subwoofer speakers are a bit more expensive but have high accolades from enthusiasts. They have a massive, triple-stacked 304-ounce motor and its T2 15-inch subwoofers can handle the most extreme power levels.

Memphis subwoofer speakers range in price from $75 to $207 in online searches and offer several impressive packages. Eclipse subwoofers are available from $40 to $200 depending on size and output quality. Diamond Audio packages run from to $165 to $200. Soundstream Units are a cheaper alternative and can be found for under $150. Hifonics has subwoofer speaker products ranging in price from $30 to $200.

When comparing units, its best to consider size, output levels and functionality first. You can get affordable subwoofer speakers that will perform like the best in the business.

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