• Top 5 Highest Selling Car Alarm Systems

    If you’ve bought a new vehicle and want to upgrade the alarm, there are a number of different car alarm systems available for your consideration. Many of the top-selling alarm systems are from reputable brands such as Bulldog and Viper. Although sometimes expensive, these systems offer extremely thorough protection, which is worth the cost for more valuable cars. The following is a list of 5 of the most popular aftermarket car alarm systems, which can help you make a decision as to which one you’d like to purchase.

    Bulldog 802

    An inexpensive alarm from a deservedly popular company, the Bulldog 802 produces a loud noise whenever a shock to the vehicle is detected (for example, a broken window caused by a break-in) or when there is a change in the electronic current (someone unlocks the vehicle through the window, rather than with the remote). This model is very easy to install and use, and is only $20. It’s a basic and fairly unremarkable upgrade from the standard universal alarm, which sounds only when manually unlocked through an open window.

    Hornet 740T

    The Hornet 740T is a definite step above “basic,” with a whole host of features standing by to defend your car. It offers a remote starter kill, 6 different sirens, a shock sensor, LED status indicator, Clone-Safe(r) Code-Hopping(r), 2 auxiliary outputs, dome light supervision and a parking light flash. The remote starter kill is really where this car alarm shines above a universal alarm. The whole system is relatively inexpensive: it can be purchased for approximately $55.

    Ready Remote First Defense

    More expensive than the previous two at $100, the Ready Remote First Defense is fairly similar to the Hornet 740T. It also features a remote starter kill, which can be activated from up to 400 feet away. It has remote headlight control and is surprisingly easy to install, with only 2 wires to keep track of.

    Clifford Matrix +1

    This Clifford model runs about $80, depending on the retailer. It offers convenience as well as function, with remote defroster output and a built in turbo timer. It also features the remote starter kill, controlled with a 3 channel start and entry system and 1 auxiliary output.

    Viper 350 Plus

    Viper car alarms are absolutely top of the line, which is reflected in the price: this 350 plus model has an MSRP of $240. It has a number of features similar to the Hornet 740T: Shock sensor, 6 sirens, starter kill, Clone-Safe(r) Code-Hopping(r), LED and dome light supervision and more. However, the Viper 350 Plus has an incredible receiver, which is effective up to a quarter of a mile – leaps beyond any other car alarm system. Combined with the LED status light, there’s no reason anyone should ever be able to make off with your car while you’re within a quarter mile of it.

    Inexpensive upgrades are available to replace universal alarms, along with very advanced alarms with price tags to match. These top selling models are some of the best in the market for different purposes, and are sure to serve you well.