• Tips for Getting Discount Prices at a Car Radio Shop: Secrets You Should Know

    Using a car radio shop for a new car radio or speakers is typically more expensive than if you purchase online or through a discount retailer. The biggest reason people choose to use specialty shops is because of the expertise when it comes to installation. There are several ways you can save money while shopping at a retail audio store. Here are 3 secrets that can save you hundreds of dollars.

    Price Shopping

    Before you just walk in to a radio store looking for a radio, do some research. Knowing what kind of system will work best for you will save you money right off the bat. You will prevent yourself from spending more money on a system with features you won’t ever utilize. You can also save money by having prices in hand from other shops. Many retailers offer a price match program, and some even discount the lowest price you’ve found to gain your business.

    Ask about Installation 

    Many car audio stores will offer free or discounted installation on systems you purchase from them. So even if you end up spending a little more on the stereo, you can make up this extra cost if you allow them to proceed with installing the car stereo for you. You can also look at sales ads. Even if the sale has ended, many stores will still honor the sale price for installation if you ask.

    Saving on Speakers

    If the speakers you have are in good shape, you can save some money by forgoing this purchase. If installing car speakers isn’t necessary, you can expect to shave quite a bit off the overall price.