• The Best Cars for Off Roading

    There are a number of ideal cars for offroading. Some of these are considered sport utility vehicles, while some are passenger cars. To be ideally suited for off-road use, a vehicle should have ample ground clearance, be capable of four or all wheel drive and be as lightweight as possible. Following is a list of the best cars for off-roading from the following automakers:

    • Chrysler-Jeep
    • Chevrolet/Hummer
    • Subaru

    Chrysler-Jeep Corporation Offerings

    The Jeep is an American icon. Created as an answer to the Army’s need for a vehicle that could go just about anywhere, the Willy’s Overland Corporation created what was designated as the Vehicle, General Purpose. When put into active service with the military, the American GI shortened that name to GP, for General Purpose. That name was further shortened to Jeep, after a popular character from the Popeye cartoons at the time. Jeep has a variety of offerings that are all very good mud and all-terrain vehicles. The Wagoneer, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee all allow you to take it to the mud in comfort, while the venerable CJ series harkens back to the original GP/Jeep. With great ground clearance, an excellent four wheel drive system and mud specific tires, there is almost nothing that can keep up with a properly driven Jeep CJ5, 6 or 7. The major differences between the three CJ series models are mostly driver and passenger creature comfort upgrades. One of the biggest selling points for the CJ series Jeeps is the hardtop convertible design, with the lid being completely removable.


    When the American military asked the industry for a replacement for the Jeep, Chevrolet produced the Hummer. The Hummer is just as capable, if not more so, than the Jeep CJ series off road and in the mud. The newest version, the H3, is also the smallest, offers the same capabilities as the Hummer and H2, but in a smaller, more efficient design. The Hummer and H2 will seat up to 5 or 6 comfortably, depending on size, while the H3 will seat no more than 5.


    All of the cars made by Subaru are great off road and in the mud. However, the Outback and Forrester, being more dedicated to the outback, will be the best choice for someone looking for a fun to drive off road car. Both are small, equipped with all wheel drive and peppy little four cylinder engines. Their lightweight and slightly increased wheelbases make the excellent vehicles for going off road, unless the terrain requires more ground clearance than approximately 12 inches. These vehicles are capable of having larger tires installed to increase the ground clearance, making them more suitable for really rough terrain. For muddy, dirty roads or tracks, with a minimum of obstacles such as large rocks and deep potholes, these two offerings from Subaru will get your blood and adrenaline pumping.

    Above, you have been given information about the ideal off road offerings from Chrylser-Jeep, Chevrolet-Hummer and Subaru in the area of ideal cars for off-roading use.