• The Best 6-inch by 9-inch Car Speakers You Can Buy

    When it comes to car audio speakers, 6-inch by 9-inch car speakers are often a popular choice. They typically deliver performance that meets or exceeds that of similar round speakers. As with any other speaker size, they are usually only installed in vehicles that have factory speakers of the same size.

    If you want to replace 6-inch by 9-inch speakers in your vehicle, you will want to have an idea of some of the best makes and models out there. Here are some of the most well-known speakers.


    Alpine offers both the Type-S and Type-R models when it comes to 6-inch by 9-inch car speakers. The Type-S speaker is a more affordable option than the Type-R and is made of high quality materials. The Type-S comes with a polypropylene-mica cone and optimized air-flow design so it can withstand plenty of power while remaining rigid and sturdy enough to have great sound quality. The Type-R speaker from Alpine boasts incredible bass-response while delivering outstanding midrange and high range frequencies as well in great sound quality. These speakers are made with a varnished, multi-layered cone with a DuPont Kevlar reinforced dust-cap for high performance handling.

    The Type-R speakers are also equipped with bright, crisp 63/64-inch ring tweeters for increased sound quality in the high end of the music spectrum. The Type-S and Type-R speakers can withstand anywhere from 260 to 300 watts of peak power handling for loud, clear sound.


    Infinity makes the 6-inch by 9-inch speaker size readily available in both the Kappa series and Reference series speakers. The Kappa speakers come in both two-way and three-way options to satisfy any needs you may have. These speakers feature light and strong cone structures made from woven glass-fiber woofer cones and large magnets. These speakers are also made with a Plus One Design that allows for a larger surface area not found in other comparable speakers for more accurate low-frequency output and strong bass. The Reference speakers are made with injection-molded polypropylene cones and hi-roll rubber surrounds, allowing for great low, midrange and high frequency response without distortion. These speakers can also withstand up to 300 watts of peak power to make your music as loud and clear as it needs to be.


    Kenwood offers an incredible 6-inch by 9-inch car speaker with their KFC-6982ie model. Like the models mentioned earlier, this speaker has a polypropylene mica cone woofer and a balanced dome tweeter to offer tremendous amounts of low-end bass with incredible highs to top it off. To make these speakers even better, they can handle an astonishing power-load of up to 500 watts peak power to assure your music will be as loud and clear as possible from a car speaker.

    These days, the car audio world has so many options that it sometimes can be overwhelming choosing the right speaker. Before you get bogged down from all the choices, start by looking at these manufacturers, for these are some of the highest rated 6-inch by 9-inch car speakers.

    When you start looking for your new 6-inch by 9-inch car speakers, check out websites that offer user reviews. Their website includes user reviews along with specifications on all their speakers including those in the popular 6-inch by 9-inch size. There are other websites and magazines out there that offer similar information.

    When reviewing the specifications, you want to ensure the speakers you buy are well matched to the rest of your system. If you have a stock, low-power system, speakers with lots of power handling ability are inadvisable. Instead, look for speakers that work with less power and are more efficient. If you have a system that puts out loads of power, be sure the speakers you are looking at can handle the abuse. Otherwise you’ll wreck them in short order. Also, be mindful that even though speakers measure 6-inch by 9-inch inches, the size of the magnet and structure might prevent you from installing them in your car. Take a few measurements, particularly mounting depth, before making your purchase.

    Now that you’ve read up and measured up, it’s time to turn the volume up and listen to some speakers. Different brands of speakers will sound differently, even when driven by the same sound system. Listen to several different brands and take your time. Some speakers sound brighter than others, some speakers deliver more bass than others and some speakers sound cleaner than others. When you listen to them, you’ll see what we mean.