• Playing Music on a iPod in Car via Bluetooth

    If you have iPod and car Bluetooth enabled for your vehicle, then you should be able to pick up Bluetooth radio and also play music on your Bluetooth mp3 player. Bluetooth is a device that you can turn on if you are using your iPod in the car and it will connect to other similar devices within a certain radius to enable you to share music with one another. This music will be transmitted from one device to another when Bluetooth is enabled. If you want to learn how to play music on an iPod in the Car via Bluetooth, then these steps should help you out with that. Being able to play this music in your car is great for the main reason that you do not take up too much space with speakers, and you get just as good a sound out of your headset. If set up correctly, then the quality is just as perfect.

    Tools and Materials

    • iPod
    • Bluetooth Headset

    Step 1 – Go to “Settings” in iPod

    When you are ready to start you should first go to the settings option on your iPod. When you are in this area, you should then select to turn on Bluetooth. It is very important to ensure that Bluetooth is on your headset and is synced up with your phone or iPod. This is something that many people overlook and forget when trying to play music and wonder why it doesn’t work. Even though they believe they have everything set up and ready to go. So once this is all done and Bluetooth is set up, then you are on your way to listening to your music in your car while driving. You will have music day or night to enjoy.

    Step 2 – Complete other Settings in iPod

    When you have set up Bluetooth and your headset accordingly, then you need to set up everything else on your iPod. You should ensure that the “Home” button is pressed, and when this is done your iPod controls should be turned on. Also ensure that the auto-lock functionality is set to the setting of ‘Never’. These settings are important in order to listen to music, as if they are not done correctly, then you will hear nothing through the headset. Ensure that you are ready to go and start playing the music.

    Step 3 – Listen to your Music

    Last but not least, when you have completed the other steps and set up everything on your iPod and headset, then you should basically go direct to your iPod and begin to play the songs of your choice. If everything is set up correctly, then you should hear the music with great quality. While the music is playing, you should push the “home” button. When you do this, the music should be heard through your Bluetooth headset very clearly. It is very simple to listen to music in your car this way and easy to set up. Once this is all done, you will be able to enjoy tunes while driving day or night, without the need for speakers to take up space in the car.