• Viper Car Alarm: Key Facts and How to Install One

    A Viper car alarm system is a key player in the security systems market. Auto safety is of vital importance if you are planning on buying a car or currently own one.

    If you’ve just purchased a Viper car alarm and want to do it yourself, here’s a guide to help you along the way.

    What Wires Do You Have?

    Hold the main control unit so that the two large connectors are at the top. You’ll notice you have the bitwriter data port, H1, harness-on, Remote start harness, valet button, LED, H2, Harness 2, door lock, H4 for the horn, unused jumpers, H3, harness three, shock sensor port and the antenna/receiver port. Wiring connections are on the left to right on the connectors.

    Where to Mount the Control Module

    Before making any wiring connections, you need to determine where you want to mount the control module and shock sensor. The control module may be mounted under the dash somewhere or under the passenger seat. No matter where you mount it, it should be screwed or bolted down. The trunk is also an acceptable location to mount both. The shock sensor must be mounted to a rigid metal component with a direct tie to either the frame or the body. When routing wires through any holes in metal, the hole must have a rubber grommet in it in order to protect the wires from chafing and causing short-circuits.

    Check for a Good Ground

    Check your door switches using a test light first. Connect to alligator clip to a good ground. Use the needle point to pierce the insulation with the switch depressed; there should be no light, therefore release the switch. If the switch is positive when opened, the light will turn on when the switch is released. If nothing happens, use a resistance meter. Connect or touch one lead to the ground source and touch the other lead to the previously pierced insulation. With the switch depressed, you should read infinite resistance—release the switch and resistance will go to zero. The violet and white tachometer wire will go to the negative wire on the ignition coil. See your owner’s manual for programming and advanced features setup.

    Key Facts

    One interesting feature of Viper security systems is the bright blue flashing LED that warns prospective thieves to stay away from the car. It indicates that the car is protected by Viper and any attempt to steal the car will not be successful. This is one feature that makes it a reliable alarm.

    The system also comes with a Failsafe Starter Kill that prevents hotwiring. The immobilizer makes sure that you ignition and fuel pump don’t work in case someone tries breaking into your car.

    Viper security systems also feature two-way car alarm pagers that let you know if the siren is sounding or the vehicle is being moved. With a range of up to one mile, this car alarm is an absolute delight when you are out shopping or doing daily chores.

    In order to prevent someone from stealing your security code, a Viper car alarm is equipped with encryption that offers clone-safe, anti-code grabbing technology. Moreover, Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensors detect heavy blows to the car.

    Another important feature is the anti-carjacking system. In the case of a carjack, the alarm will wait for 30 seconds and then the siren will start sounding. Now, if the thief turns off the ignition in order to stop the alarm, the immobilizer then kicks in and your car’s ignition and fuel pump won’t work. This is an amazing feature that completely protects your vehicle. It saves time as you won’t have to hunt too far for your abandoned car.

    Other accessories you can add to a Viper car alarm system include the Invisible Field Disturbance Sensor that senses high-density objects, or people near your car. A warning message or siren chirps deter the person from coming closer. However, if that person continues coming towards the car, the alarm sounds.

    While a Viper car alarm offers a great range of safety measures, it has a few disadvantages as well. The main problem is its cost. Viper’s basic 350 Plus one-way security system costs about $240. Its advanced ones could cost about $800. This is just the cost of the system. Another factor that adds to the cost is professional installation. As Viper car alarms are complex systems, you need to get someone who knows how to install them. This, obviously, costs a lot more.

    Viper car alarms also lack automatic tracking devices that search for your vehicle with the help of modern technology. A tracking device is a must these days. Although they cost a lot more, it is much easier to recover your stolen vehicle. That saves you sleepless nights and insurance hassles.

    If you follow the wiring installations in this guide, your new car alarm pager system will give you years of trouble free service and protection.