• How to Get Pandora Radio for a Car: Free Auto Internet Radio Options

    Pandora has stuck a deal with Pioneer that allows it to get Internet radio for your car. The process is simple. If you have Pandora on your home computer, then you already know that the radio offers free Internet music to its users that is limited to 40 hours of music time each month. But the latest news is that you can now get Pandora radio on your car. You can either buy a Pandora supported radio that can run music or you can connect your radio to your smartphone that has the Pandora App on it. Either way the process is free.

    Step 1- Getting a Pandora Supported Stereo or Navigational Unit

    There are several new internet car radio models in the market at present like the Alpine model iDA-X305S, and Pioneer models AVIC-Z120BT as well as the AVIC-X920BT that support Pandora Internet music. But both these models will require an iPhone to link to the Pandora App on the phone.The best part is that these stereos have already been paid for and the subscription to paid Pandora with additional features is included in the car cost and the stereo cost.

    Step 2- Connecting your Iphone to the existing stereo

    If you already have a car stereo, then no worries as you can still connect the iPhone Pandora App to the stereo. You can connect your headphone port to the AUX input port on the Phone. This will also work is both your smartphone and the stereo have A2DP stereo Bluetooth technology. Its also possible to use the tape port and the FM transmitter of the inbuilt car stereo to run the digital car stereo with Pandora free streaming Internet music.