• How Much Should Tuning a Car Cost?

    The cost of tuning your car will be affected by a number of factors. These include things such as how old the car is, whether it has a computer or not, whether or not it has a distributor and whether it is carbureted or injected, among other variables. Below you will find average costs for full tune ups. It should be noted you can defray the cost of tuning your car by purchasing a motor manual and doing much of the work yourself.

    Dealerships: Full Tune Ups

    Dealerships charge more for labor and parts than most other types of service centers. This is because most of the technicians at dealerships have undergone years of expensive training, have multiple certifications and thus command a higher pay rate. Parts costs are higher because they are used as well as large factory original parts. A full tune up will normally cost between $100 and $150 depending which dealership you take it to and what needs to be done. A full tune up will consist of the following and may include more:

    • Change the spark plugs
    • Check the plug wires
    • Change the air filter
    • Change the fuel filter
    • Adjust the timing, where needed and possible
    • If the car is old enough, then points and condenser will be changed
    • Minor fuel mixture tuning, if carbureted
    • Replace PCV valve, if so equipped

    Independent Service Centers

    Independent service centers include your neighborhood mechanic or shops such as Kmart and Sears Auto Centers among others. The work performed will be the same as above. However, labor rates will be much lower. Thus, so will the overall price. Average prices for tune ups at independents will run anywhere between $50 up to $100.

    It’s important to note the prices quoted for an engine tune up are averages. The price you are asked to pay may be more or less.