• Car Equalizer Vs Amplifier: What’s the Difference

    There are a lot of differences between car stereo equalizers and amplifiers and a car equalizer amplifier. A car amplifier only amplifies the sound; equalizers can do both functions in some cases. You may buy a car equalizer amplifier and it will do both functions.

    If you just buy one or the other, they will do only that intended function. Obviously you will get better sound quality by separating the two and just buying them one at a time. It’s like anything else in life, it does a better job when it only has the one job to do.

    Why Would I Buy a Car Equalizer Amplifier?

    The best way to answer this question is that it will perform both functions. It will amplify the sound and equalize it at the same time. It’s usually cheaper to buy a car equalizer amplifier than to buy them separately. Although a quality car equalizer amplifier will be expensive.

    Is it better to Buy an Equalizer Separate from the Amplifier?

    This depends on what you’re trying to accomplish when you buy either one. If you are looking for something to make your music sound better and have more tonal adjustment and better sound quality in general, then you should consider an equalizer.

    If more power is your main concern, your best bet would be to buy an amplifier along with a car subwoofer rather than an equalizer. If you want your music to have better tonal quality, you should consider an amplifier.

    While an amplifier will help the tonal quality of your music, its main job is to make the music louder and it will do that with authority. If you’re running equipment that isn’t as high quality as the amplifier, it will improve your sound quality.      

    What Exactly does an Equalizer do for Me?

    An equalizer will give you precise adjustment ability over your tonal quality. The equalizer will allow you to cut or boost tone according a precisely laid out frequency spectrum. This allows you to adjust for the things in your car that make your stereo sound worse.

    Glass is highly sound reflective and can, in some cases, make it sound as if your music is echoing. An equalizer could stop this from happening. By the same token, you have seats in your car and they will work to deaden the sound of your music.

    An equalizer will help you bring up the frequencies that your interior is drowning out.    

    Why Should I Buy a Car Stereo Amplifier?

    The best reason to buy an Amplifier is that you want more sound from your car stereo. An amplifier will achieve this goal for you. Not only will it get more sound coming out of your speakers, it will make high quality sound come out of your stereo.

    When set up correctly, with the correct wires and cables, a car stereo amplifier can make your stereo sound like an entirely new system. You will be surprised at what it can do for you.