• Bluetooth for Car: Connectivity Issues

    Having a bluetooth for the car is a great way to be able to change music, answer the phone and more without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Bluetooth connections are wireless and should be instantaneous. However there are some common car bluetooth issues that make connecting bluetooths difficult. In vehicles Bluetooths can be used for the audio system, navigation system, mp3 player and your cellular phone.


    One of the main issues with bluetooth is getting the device to connect in the first place. There are some standard issues that are easy to fix as many times all that is needed is to charge the device’s battery.  Be aware that not all phones will connect with the car or audio system. Make sure that your audio system, GPS and make and model are compatible with the bluetooth from the phone. Some other connectivity issues are that the car kit cannot decode the Bluetooth device that it is trying to connect. This decode means that the system cannot recognize the name. This is a frequent problem when devices have been upgraded. While your system may have worked fine before, upgrades can cause problems because the compatibility all of a sudden changes. This is an issue that has not really been addressed by the manufacturers.

    Dropped Connections

    Another frequent problem that can occur is that the bluetooth will connect but then it will not stay connected. Many times this can be a hardware issue. For example in 2010 there seems to be a widespread problem with iPhone 4 and Bluetooth. This is actually been proven to be a problem with the iPhone and the company is trying to determine the problem. Some other issues to consider include the Bluetooth car kit as a wire or connection may be loose. If you lose connectivity over bumps or when turning that means that a wire may be bad or is loose.

    Audio Does Not Work

    So the bluetooth device can connect but it does not work properly. In this case there is an issue with the stereo connection to the Bluetooth unit. There is nothing actually wrong with the bluetooth or devices but this is a software issue. To fix it see if the manufacturer is offering any updates. If one person has had the issue then you can bet that many people will have the problem. This is a problem with the car kit software as no matter which phone or earpiece you use the audio will not play from the speakers. Check that the vehicle supports bluetooth audio as some only will support bluetooth phone calls. These are 2 very different things.


    Most of the time, look into the settings for the bluetooth and the car system. If the car battery should die then the system may reset to the defaults. This means that all of the current settings will be lost and need to be reset. Not only will you need to check the settings in the car system but also in your phone or other bluetooth device. In order to correct the bluetooth settings the device will need to be connected to the computer.