• Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Crimestopper Car Alarm

    In today’s world, where you can never be sure of you car’s protection, a Crimestopper car alarm is a top choice. With unique features such as remote pagers, it is built with modern anti-theft mechanisms. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an estimated 956,846 motor vehicles were stolen in the United States in 2008. In simpler language, there were 314.7 motor vehicle thefts per 100,000 inhabitants. Not only does a car alarm make you worry less about your car, but several car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have installed car alarm systems in their vehicles. Crimestopper is a top choice in car alarms.

    Basic Features

    Crimestopper car alarms can be one-way or two-way paging systems. The CS-2000 DP II Series IV is a one-way paging system. Its basic features include:

    • New Chrome 2-Button Remote Transmitters
    • “CoolFlash” Blue LED Flashlight
    • Dynamic Code Protection (Anti-Code Grabbing)
    • Code Learning Receiver
    • Electronic “Dual Stage” Shock Protection (Plug-In Design)
    • Alarm Pre-Warning Signal
    • On-Board Relay for Flashing Lights
    • Audible & Visual Arm/Disarm with Intrusion Alert
    • Programmable Carjack Protection
    • Programmable Vehicle Horn Output
    • Remote Panic Protection
    • 15 Programmable Options
    • 6 Tone 125db Electronic Siren and Passive Door Locks (Programmable).

    The CS-2000 DP II TW2 is a 2-way pager with more or less the same features as the above, except for the following add-ons:

    • 2-Way FM/FM Pager Remote with Enhanced Range
    • Enhanced Red and Blue LED Backlighting
    • New Chrome FM SideKick 4-Button 1-Way Transmitter
    • LCD Graphics and Real Time Page Back Confirmation of Alarm Status.

    It is important to note, however, that this 2-way pager system is not compatible with older AM/FM systems. While Crimestopper car alarms are not restricted to these two models, these are the latest in the market.

    Advantages of A Crimestopper Car Alarm

    While Crimestopper car alarms have standard systems as well, their personal pager alarms are a hit. They protect vehicles without the whole neighborhood waking up to the usually loud car sirens. Moreover, there are several optional add-ons you can install to make the vehicle more secure with your convenience kept in mind. Whenever someone tries to break into your car, the system sends a message to your pager, alerting you of the intrusion. That way, not only are you aware of what’s happening, but the thief has absolutely no idea that he is in trouble. It keeps u a step ahead.


    The main disadvantage here is the cost of these alarm systems. They are expensive and cost anywhere between $200 to $400, depending on the features they offer. You could get one cheaper than that, but then there’s no point in getting an incomplete system. Of course, if you want more features you have to pay more.

    Moreover, some pagers have a limited range, so that means you will have to be within that range to get the message. However, that depends on the unit you purchase.

    The best thing to do before you buy a Crimestopper car alarm would be to go check out an online forum, where you can read reviews, discuss about the product and see it if fits your requirement and is worth the buy.