• 7 Types of Car Radio Systems to Look into for Getting the Best Sound

    There are many different choices for a car radio system. However not any two systems are alike and the best car stereo can produce some excellent audio. When looking for a new car stereo there are certain brands that are known for being the best. When shopping, think about what you want out of the car stereo and then do some research about the different systems as each will have benefits as well as issues.

    1. Alpine iDA-X305

    The Alpine is perfect for those that frequently listen to music form their mp3 player or iPod. The Quick Search function makes it very easy to search through large libraries to find the desired track. However this system does not have a CD player and is primarily for digital media. This latest version comes with iPhone support and additional power.

    2. Sony XPLOD

    This audio unit from Sony has plenty of options for adding Satellite radio and the ability to expand the head unit. The structure of the menu makes it easy to find whatever song you want. While there is a USB port for digital media, it is lacking iPod support. This is a classy looking stereo that offers a lot of versatility.

    3. JVC El Kameleon

    This system uses a touch screen and the interface is completely customizable. It supports Bluetooth and the ability to connect iPod or other digital media players. There are many outputs and input options if you want to expand. The only issue with this system is that the form of the screen is slightly awkward for viewing DVDs. There is a proximity sensor that will pop the controls out as your hand nears the unit.

    4. Pioneer AVIC

    The core features of the Pioneer system include DVD playback, Bluetooth, multimedia and GPS navigation. This system stands high above the rest as it also comes with the ability to upgrade directly from MSN, voice control and the ability to import contacts. The only disadvantage is that additional equipment may be needed for data services from MSN Direct and iPod video.

    5. Eclipse AVN

    This is more of a navigation system that also has stereo functions. The unit comes with iPod and USB integration, audio streaming, Bluetooth and DVD playback. This is a great unit for those looking for that first audio piece to build a complete system. I has a great response time, lovely maps available in 3D and comes with a bright LCD screen. Besides a touch screen there are also physical buttons for all of the controls.

    6. Kenwood KDC

    This is an in-dash unit that comes with USB connection, iPod compatibility, built-in Bluetooth and more. There are optional upgrades for HD radio, CM control and Sirus control. The company offers excellent support for installation. With upgraded speakers this is a top stereo system. This is also easy for the technically challenged to use.

    7. Pioneer DEH

    The built-in equalizer is excellent and the tuner is very sensitive. There is a USB and front panel input. The sound quality is some of the best and you will never have to deal with static. It is possible to customize the stereo and it also has several expansion options.