• 5 Common Mistakes People Make When Installing a Car Stereo Subwoofer

    When installing a car stereo subwoofer it is important to take the time to read all instructions completely. There can be problems with the stereo system if this is not done correctly.  Below are some common mistakes that keep people from big successful in installing a stereo subwoofer.

    1. Leaving out the Car Stereo Amp: Many times people forget to put back the main thing that gives the subwoofer its sound, the amp.  It requires an amp in to receive power. Without an amp, the subwoofer will not be properly so be sure to hook it up correctly.
    2. Mistaking Channels on the Amp: Another more specific problem is when people attempt to install a subwoofer through a car stereo amp.The result is that the subwoofer stops getting power. You should send new speakers through the amp.
    3. Not Shutting off Power: One of the more dangerous mistakes that you can make is forgetting to turn off the power. The subwoofer should not just be off it should be completely disconnected from the power.
    4. Improperly Mounting: Be sure to mount the subwoofer into the a lot space and box the right way, or else you may end up with loose and shaking speakers
    5. Asking for Help: The biggest mistake people make does not know when to accept defeat and ask for help. Without asking or help, they can mess up the car stereo wiring in the whole system.

    If you follow the instructions closely and put everything back as mentioned in the manual, you shouldn’t face much problem in installing a car stereo wiring.