• The Benefits of 10-inch Car Speakers

    Adding 10-inch car speakers or subwoofers to a stock car stereo system will instantly make an enormous difference in the stereo’s sound. There are a variety of benefits in adding this versatile speaker size to your car’s audio arsenal.

    Greater Range

    The majority of cars these days come with 6-inch speaker audio systems. While this is fine for some listeners, this is simply not enough for audiophiles and car stereo enthusiasts. Adding 10-inch subwoofers adds the much coveted low-end frequencies, as an average 6-inch speaker’s range only goes as low as 500Hz. A normal 10-inch subwoofer will play notes as low as 50 Hz—10 times lower than a stock system, as well as some midrange frequencies.

    Crisp Bass

    When you’re looking to upgrade a car stereo system, there are a lot of choices; 12-inch versus 10-inch, even speakers that are 15 inches or larger. The product that makes a great fit really depends on the customer’s preference. If you want subwoofers that have a great crisp sound for all types of music, then 10-inch speakers are the way to go. Because of their smaller size, they’re going to have a much faster response. This means that they produce a much tighter, more accurate sound.

    More Power

    When you add a 10-inch sub to your car’s audio system, you’ll immediately notice that your car’s stereo has a much louder and powerful sound. Bear in mind that size is not commensurate with volume—larger does not necessarily mean louder. A quality 10-inch subwoofer will put out just about as much sound as you can handle with the correct installation and equipment.

    Compact and Light

    10-inch subs offer a good balance between power and capability when it comes to upgrading a stereo. They are lighter and require less room and power than their larger cousins (the 12’s, 15’s and 16’s). This is an important consideration for someone that has a smaller vehicle and may have to sacrifice cargo room or trunk space when they upgrade their stereo. What’s the use of having a great sounding stereo if you can’t use your car for practical purposes?

    You won’t have any trouble finding a good set of 10-inch speakers or someone to install them. Every car audio shop has plenty of experience helping customers select and install this speaker variety and will help you select a system that fits your budget and your car.