• 4 Types of 10 Car Speakers You Can Buy

    When it comes to 10″ car speakers, commonly called subwoofers, there are plenty of options available in the car audio marketplace. Depending on how much power you are looking for and how much space and money you have, there are subwoofers available for you. If you’re in the market to purchase a subwoofer, you will want to get an idea of exactly what is out there today. Here are 4 types of subwoofer setups you can purchase:

    Powered Subwoofers:

    A powered subwoofer setup is a type of setup that comes in plenty of sizes to accommodate virtually any vehicle’s cargo space. Companies such as Bazooka and Infinity make well-known setups that deliver exceptional performance in a very small package. Powered subwoofers are a quick and easy way to add upgraded bass performance to any vehicle while saving as much space as possible.

    Vehicle-Specific Subwoofers:

    A vehicle-specific subwoofer setup combines a subwoofer with an enclosure that is custom-fitted into unused spaces in a specific vehicle. Sometimes these setups come with a built-in amplifier to make getting bass quick and easy. This option would allow users to add bass to areas as convenient as a center console or trunk wall. MTX Thunderforms enclosures come in plenty of sizes and options for use in a wide range of vehicles. To find out whether or not this would be an option for your vehicle, you can visit a local car audio shop or Crutchfield to see exactly what makes and models have vehicle-specific enclosures.

    Enclosed Subwoofers:

    If you’re in the market to obtain higher levels of bass without having to guess what amplifier and enclosure will properly outfit your subwoofer, this is the option for you. Enclosed subwoofers are matched at the factory to assure the subwoofer and subwoofer enclosure are meant to go together. Depending on how much you’re looking to spend, Kicker car speakers offer enclosed subwoofer options to satisfy virtually any need. There are plenty of options of enclosed subwoofers ranging from a single 8″ subwoofer enclosure to a dual 12″ subwoofer enclosure with high performance handling.

    Component Subwoofers:

    Component Subwoofers allow you to choose any subwoofer you want and pair it with an amplifier and enclosure to satisfy your needs. Typically, this option will allow for the best results, but is sometimes the most expensive. Putting the component sub of your choice in the right enclosure with a suitable amplifier will deliver powerful and accurate bass to any vehicle. If you are not worried about space or budget and want specific products, this is the best option because you will be able to make your own setup rather than use a pre-made factory setup. Kicker car speakers, Pyramid car speakers, and Pyle car speakers are some manufacturers that make component subwoofers in all shapes, sizes and power handling capabilities to suit anyone’s taste.

    There are plenty of choices for 10″ car speakers in the market today. Rather than overwhelming yourself, use this list of different types of subwoofers to help you decide on which type of subwoofer would fit your needs best.