• The Top 4 Selling LCD Car Alarm Brands

    Is it important to have an LCD car alarm in your car for its safety? Statistics show that over a million vehicles are stolen each year which means cars are stolen every day. A simple factory security alarm would protect your car from professional car thieves thus we have compiled the top four selling LCD car alarm brands.

    Viper® LCD Car Alarm

    Viper is the number one brand in LCD car alarm sales. Founded in the early 1990s, the Viper product has evolved and kept up through the changing times. One of their latest products, the Responder LC3 is a two-way paging car alarm system that has an LCD light and a one-mile range with the SST technology that makes sure that when a frequency is blocked the signal still continues.

    It also employs the SuperCode technology which defines the performance of Viper’s LCD car alarm systems and its artificial intelligence that commands the alarm’s advanced features. This technology is somewhat similar to ScyTek car alarms when it comes to performance.

    Once a thief sees the blue light alarm blinking on the side of the car’s dashboard, they move to the next car that is probably unprotected. They know that the car with that blue light is protected by Viper.

    Python LCD Car Alarm

    Python is manufactured by the makers of Viper LCD car alarm systems. Similar to the Viper, Python also includes in its security the one mile range SST technology, the Python responder LC3 technology which employs a larger LCD screen for better viewing, an upgraded user interface and a mini USB charging port in case of battery drain.

    Python system also includes the SuperCode technology which defines the intelligence to makes this technology work. The SuperCode technology makes it possible to control two cars with one remote.

    The Viper and Python LCD car alarm systems are well known for the voice recording every time a stranger approaches a car equipped with these snakes. It also has a car finder system that tracks your car on a GPS system.

    Clifford LCD Car Alarm

    Another one of the products of DEI, makers of Python and Viper, is the Clifford car alarm. They claim that for more than 20 years they have been revolutionizing car safety and security with the most innovative technology that the industry has ever formulated.

    Some of the key technologies of Clifford car alarms are the Responder SST which is the latest two-way security system. SST, which stands for Spread Spectrum Technology, works by ensuring that the signal transmitted from your car to your remote is uninterrupted.

    A new feature that they have is the G5 technology which is claimed to be the first major vehicle security advancement in the 21st century. These vehicle security technologies were five years in the making hence the name G5.

    Avital Car Alarm

    The Avital car alarm is the 4thtop LCD car alarm brand in the market today. Manufactured also by DEI, this alarm is equipped with a technology that cannot be denied. All of them are similar to that of the Viper, Python and Clifford technologies but the main difference is the price.

    Almost all LCD car alarms feature Dynamic Code Protection. This prevents anyone else from stealing the frequency that the pager and car are attuned to by changing the frequency by minute amounts at irregular intervals. What this means is that this feature prevents someone from using another remote pager to illegally gain control of another person’s vehicle. In addition to the paging features, the remote functions allow the owner to control the vehicle from a distance. Imagine being able to lock and unlock the doors, open the trunk, turn on the dome light, even flash the parking lights.

    The drawbacks of such impressive technology are negligible. For one thing, the remote pager is about the size of a cell phone; one more thing to have to lug around. Also, the range of the remote is usually between one-thousand and two-thousand feet. And finally, since this technology is still relatively new, it is more expensive than its older car security counterparts.